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According to the Oxford English dictionary, a sentence is defined as a group of words expressing a complete statement, an order, or a question. The definition further states that a complete sentence should contain a subject and a verb. Simply put, it should have two independent clauses, i.e., the subject performing the action and the action. Still, a sentence may incorporate more than one clause, although the clauses need to be joined appropriately.  

A fused sentence, or “a run-on sentence,” on the other hand, is a grammatical error that occurs when two independent clauses in a sentence are joined together without the appropriate punctuation. 

Here are a few examples of fused sentences:

  • The thief ran away the police chased him.
  • There’s nothing to do at school the classes are boring.
  • My dogs were playing in the front yard may mum was watching them through her bedroom window.

As a student or a professional author, fused sentences in your work make it difficult to understand, as the readers can’t create a distinction between the two contrasting or relative thoughts. It’s akin to swimming in an Olympic-sized swimming pool without taking a deep breath before or intermittent breaths when swimming. For the most part, you may not have enough oxygen to fuel your anticipated high octane swim. 

Benefits of Using a Run on Sentence Checker Free Tool

Whether you are a student, professional writer, or teacher, there are many benefits of using online tools to identify fused sentence/s. Some of them include;

Saves Time & Money

With the help of a run on sentence corrector, however, you can edit your texts instantly and use the grammar mistakes suggestions feature to edit this flaw. Also, with an online tool, you can identify the fused sentence/s in your work, saving the money that would have otherwise been spent to pay a professional editor.

Versatile & Multilingual

Most online fused sentence checkers work on different documents, meaning you don’t have to keep on converting your texts from one format to the other.  Any new-gen run on sentence checker online free tool offers multilingual capability, allowing even non-English native speakers to use the tools.

Presentable Documents

Most comma splice checker free tools not only help identify fused sentences and identify grammar and spelling mistakes, giving your texts better logical flow. Depending on the fused sentence checker you use, you may find those that double as plagiarism checkers, which you can use to catch intentional or accidental plagiarism in your work.

Context-Based Editing

When considering an online run on sentence corrector is that most use AI and ML, ensuring that you edit your work based on the context instead of word by word. Along with formatting and preserving the integrity of your texts, online fused sentence correctors keep track of your suggested edits and give a score. 

Prevents Copyright Issues

One of the biggest crimes in both academia and professional writing is plagiarism. Depending on the fused sentence checker you use, you may find those that double as plagiarism checkers, which you can use to catch intentional or accidental plagiarism in your work.

Available Round the Clock

Online tools are hosted on cloud servers, letting you edit your work any time of the day, irrespective of your location. Still, you don’t have to download anything, which adds convenience to the overall experience. 

The Difference Between Comma Splice and Fused Sentences

Most people tend to interchangeably use the term comma splice and fused sentences. However, these two grammar mistakes are different. And since we’ve covered how to fix fused sentence/s using our tool, let’s briefly explain the difference, which can be easily found in their respective definitions.    

Fused Sentences

As earlier indicated, fused sentences are created when two clauses in a sentence are joined with each other without the appropriate punctuation mark. This means that the clauses lose their effectiveness, ultimately rendering the sentence vague, which is considered a grammatical mistake.

Comma Splice

On the other hand, comma splices are created when a comma incorrectly joins two independent clauses in a sentence. Comma splices make your text confusing, which is why they must be avoided at all times. 

Why Use Our Fused Run On Sentence Checker?

There are countless reasons you should consider using our fused statement fixer, but here are our top:

Versatile Run On Sentence Fixer Tool

If you’re a little rusty on your English and need a versatile editing tool to pick up fused sentences, plus many other mistakes, a fused sentences checker is what you need. All the grammar errors detected by our run on sentence corrector are accompanied by an easy-to-understand explanation behind the error, along with the suggested correction.

Fused Sentence Fixer Accessibility

Our online run on sentence corrector allows you to catch fused sentences online. Better yet, you can conduct comprehensive grammar and punctuation edits at a small fee, which helps to continue improving the tool.

Fused Sentence Corrector Security

Our comma splice checker online free tool leverages advanced encryption technology, preventing prying online scammers from stealing and plagiarizing your texts. Along with that, your texts aren’t saved on our local servers, so you don’t have to worry about anyone selling or sharing your texts with third parties.

Fused Sentence Fixer Online

You don’t need to download or create an account to use our fused sentence corrector. 

How to Fix a Run-on Sentence

As discussed above, fused sentences can completely ruin your writing. As such, it is important to correct this grammatical error to promote clear communication. 

You can also say:

James watched the movie, for his friend read the novel.

James watched the movie, but his friend read the novel. 

James watched the movie, yet his friend read the novel. 

James watched the movie, so his frienIn this section, we have compiled readthsy techniques to manually correct this flaw without using a fix my run on sentence generator:

Separate independent clauses to form two different sentences

Breaking the two independent clauses in a sentence to form two sentences is by far the easiest way to rectify a fused sentence. You simply need to identify the independent clauses in your sentence and separate them with a period. 

For example:

Wrong: Jane brought a swimming costume she forgot to bring one for me.

Correct: Jane brought a swimming costume. She forgot to bring one for me.

Separate clauses using a semicolon

If you have grammar OCD and hate over-indulging in the use of periods, you can also rectify the fused sentence flaw by using a semicolon. As a period, the function of a semicolon is equally strong, and it can help correct fused sentences.

For example:

Wrong: It was about to rain everyone was running home.

Correct: It was about to rain; everyone was running home.

The above second example shows that the sentence didn’t change much after inserting the semicolon, although it makes more sense now.

Insert a comma followed by a coordinating conjunction

Another great solution to eliminate fused sentences is to use a comma and a coordinating conjunction to join the main clauses. Coordinating junctions join words such as and, nor, for, but, yet, so, and or. 

For example: 

Wrong: James watched the movie Kim read the novel.

Correct: James watched the movie, and Kim read the novel. 

You can also say:

James watched the movie, for his friend read the novel.

James watched the movie, but his friend read the novel. 

James watched the movie, yet his friend read the novel. 

James watched the movie, so his friend read the novel. 

Make one independent clause the dependent clause

Transforming the main clause in a sentence into the subordinate clause is yet another helpful method to solve fused sentences. As such, your sentence will have two clauses expressing both complete and incomplete thoughts, respectively.

For example:

Wrong: It was sunny outside we went indoors to stay cool.

Correct: Since it was sunny outside, we went indoors to stay cool.

Link clauses using a semicolon before a transitional expression or a conjunctive adverb

Although this method is not always applicable when correcting fused sentences, using conjunctive adverbs such as: “anyway, also, besides, furthermore, thus, incidentally, moreover, otherwise,” or transitional expressions such as ”by the way, after all, in other words, on the other hand,” and for example, between two main clauses or after a semicolon is still a viable option.

As you can see, manually eliminating fused sentences in your texts can be a significant pain in body parts that we are not willing to mention here. This is because fused sentences are sneaky mistakes that can escape even the most experienced editor. 

So, if you came here wondering how to fix a run-on sentence, our free fused sentence checker can help. Along with helping you identify fused sentences, our tool will crawl through your texts, reviewing your writing for all spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. 

Who Can Use Our Comma Splice & Fused Sentence Checker?

Unlike most run on sentence corrector free software out there that targets specific users or niches, anyone can use our tool (and we hope you do). 

You should definitely try our run on sentence fixer if you fall under the following categories:

A student looking to double-check their essays, term papers, and dissertation before handing them in.

  • Writers and bloggers.
  • Authors and publishers who can’t afford a human editor or proofreader.
  • Affiliate marketers looking to write impressive and error-free copies
  • Professors, teachers, and university librarians.
  • Job seekers looking to create professional, articulate, and error-free cover letters/resumes.
  • Non-English native speakers who are learning English and English grammar rules.

How Fused & Run on Sentence and Comma Splice Checker Works?

‘How to correct a fused sentence,’ ‘how to fix a fused sentence,’ and “how do you fix a fused sentence” are three of the most commonly searched phrases on Google. And if you are reading this, chances are you searched the same. 

Luckily for you, our run on sentence and comma splice checker can help solve this problem. And unlike many complicated online tools out there, using our run-on sentence fixer is a piece of cake.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how our free comma splice checker works:

Step 1

Start by visiting our website to access our fused sentence finder.

Step 2

Next, copy your work from the source document and proceed to paste it on the empty dialog box. You can also type directly on the dialog box.

Step 3

Next, hit the ‘Check’ button, and the run on sentence checker will crawl through your work, picking fused sentences and other grammatical mistakes.

Step 4

Once done, the tool will highlight all the fused sentences and offer the most appropriate suggestions.

Step 5

Implement the corrections as suggested or as you may deem appropriate.

Step 6

Copy and paste your text back to the source document.

Try our free fused sentence checker today and save your time and editing energy to other more productive tasks!